C2C Certified™ GOLD: Bayonix Bottle The Drinking Bottle of the Future

Breakthrough Cradle to Cradle Certified™ GOLD:


BAYONIX® BOTTLE: The drinking bottle of the future

The BAYONIX® bottle is a drinking bottle constructed exclusively from a special polymer, designed to be safe for biological cycles, humans, animals and the environment. Additional materials such as seals, coatings and imprints were deliberately dispensed with.

The drinking bottle of the future:

  • pure drinking pleasure without harmful substances;
  • plastic is healthy, safe for humans and the environment;
  • safe for biological systems soil and oceans;

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Handing over the C2C certification GOLD Bayonix Bottle.

Stefan Hunger, CEO Bayonix (rechts), Albin Kälin, CEO EPEA Switzerland (links).