Wolford: Cradle to Cradle in Textile Excellence Driving The Revolution Forward

Not Many companies have been as active as Wolford, the producer of luxury Lingerie in Austria. After years of extensive R&D, involving a wide array of experts – ranging from different departments in the company, to sociologists and students – the company launched its first exclusive product in july 2018. Due to the quantity of available information, we decided to unite all of the relavant information we have in this Post.


Media coverage:


October 2018 – New Image Video (English)



September 2018 – Image Video & Pressrelease (English)
Since september 2017 Wolford is on the market with their new collection according to Cradle to Cradle principles.

See the image video below or read the press-release here.



July 2018 – Article in the Vorarlberger Nachrichten (German)

Wolford macht Leggings und Pullover kompostierbar

Bregenz: Wolford präsentiert seine erste Kollektion nach dem Cradle to Cradle Ansatz. Das heißt, alle in der Produktion verwendeten Materialien bleiben in einem endlosen Lebenskreislauf.

Lesen Sie den kompletten Artikel hier.


July 2018 – Article in the Underlines Magazine (English)


Entering the market in September 2018, Wolford already has had quite some media-coverage for its innovative C2C approach to fashion design. Heres the link to the lastest article in the underlines Magazine:

„The first Wolford Cradle to Cradle® gold certified products will hit stores this September, starting with a pair of leggings and a pullover and expanding season by season. After their life cycle with customers naturally comes to an end, Wolford will return them to an industrial composting station and those smart ingredients will close the loop and begin a new life as nutrients for our planet, such as humus and bio gas.“

Read the whole article here.


June 2018 – Certification – Wolford Joins The Revolution:

From the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry:


Wolford is very proud to present tights and lingerie designed to be safe for biological cycles and/or technical cycles.

Products include: Legwear, seamless, tight, hosiery, lingerie, bodysuits, ready to wear, shapewear & accessories

Legwear, seamless, tight, hosiery, lingerie, bodysuits, ready to wear, shapewear, accessories

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February 6th 2017 – Pressrelease Wolford

Paris – What if your lingerie set or your tights could be turned into nutrients for the planet? or the yarns of which they are made of could be part of an infinite cycle that will never create waste? or the ingredients, dyes and chemicals used are healthy and safe?

These are just some of the questions our Product Development masterminds have been asking themselves and have spent most of the last three years in finding an answer to … read the complete press release here (PDF)


12. October 2015 – Television contribution ORF (German)

Der neue Baustein der Luxusmarke Wolford heisst Cradle to Cradle. Erfahren Sie mehr in dem TV Bericht vom ORF vom 12.10.2015.