May 11, 2021

Bayonix quenches thirst while protecting the environment

Feldkirchen-Westerham – The German start-up Bayonix has developed the first fully biodegradable drinking bottle, which has gold-level Cradle to Cradle Certified certification. The company guarantees that all parts, even microplastics, are able to be degraded in the cycle.

According to its own statement, Bayonix has developed the first and only fully biodegradable drinking bottle. It is also the first sports bottle to be GOLD-level Cradle to Cradle certified. The start-up from Feldkirchen-Westerham in Upper Bavaria uses materials that contain no harmful substances to create its innovative drinking bottle.

A fully biodegradable polymer is the main component. This means that the microplastics are returned to the biological cycle as well. The polymer is also used for other products from the start-up. For example, cosmetic tubs are also included in Bayonix’s portfolio.

Bayonix also provides a return concept, which regranulates the bottles and uses the material to produce new bottles. However, if the bottles find their way into the environment by accident, the substances will be biodegraded. If a consumer loses a single part of the bottle, they can reorder it instead of needing to buy the whole bottle again.

Bayonix was founded in 2016 and values not only environmental friendliness and suitability for the circular economy. The drinking bottle is also impressive due to its neutral taste and smell, its particularly large opening, which makes it easier to fill and clean, and its practical shape, which makes it easy to hold in almost any position.

The company’s founder, Stefan Hunger, won the Entrepreneur Hero Award from Debitoor in 2018 for his development.

For a quick overview of the product qualities, please view the one-page leaflet (Download below). You can find more Information about the company and their product on their website.

Also, you can read a press-article (in german) published by Punkt 4 Info here. Punkt 4 Info is the daily newsfeed of the independent press-agency Cafe Europe from Winterthur, Switzerland.

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