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Frosch: Cyclable Flexible Packaging Pouch


Cyclable Flexible Packaging Pouch now available in retail markets in Germany.


The first completely recyclable stand-up pouch, which won in the Sustainability category, is now on retail shelves. Soon the entire pouch portfolio for the Frosch brand will be converted to the new packaging.The innovation challenge: To develop a fully recyclable, all-polyethylene, stand-up pouch for the German cleaning brand „Frosch“. It took some time and quite some effort, but the result is a real milestone for the packaging industry. The resulting flexible pouch uses 70 % less material than its rigid bottle counterpart and is designed for a closed loop circular economy. The patented pioneering design overcomes many shortcomings of the recycling process and is the result of a joint consortium effort which started in 2015 by Werner & Mertz (Frosch), Mondi, EPEA Switzerland (Cradle to Cradle®), Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland and Institut cyclos-HTP.


“Sustainable development is not a “plug-and-play” exercise. Everyone must depart from the status quo and accept that risk is a necessary condition for serious technological advancement. If you want to develop something new, you have to be willing to put in hard work, to take the hurdles of ‘restrictive thinking’.“

— Immo Sander, head of packaging development for Werner & Mertz


„It takes a network to realize packaging for the circular economy and we – Mondi and Werner & Mertz – were prepared to take up the challenge.“

— Thomas Kahl, EcoSolutions Project Manager for Mondi Consumer Packaging.


“What made this project exceptional was how all relevant parties were involved from the beginning – the brand owner, the packaging producer, the waste material collector and sorter, the recycler and the C2CC accredited assessor – and were consulted at every step of the product development process.”

— Joachim Christiani, co-managing director of cyclos-HTP


“One key approach is “to close the circle so that packaging can be turned back into high-performance packaging again. The C2C approach is a vital step toward saving resources and reducing unnecessary waste.”

— Dr Markus Helftewes, managing director of Germany-based Der Grüne Punkt


“This project is a lighthouse for all industries for how new products can be created.”

— Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA Switzerland


You can find out more about this product on the company website.

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