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JAB Anstoetz relying on Swiss innovations


Bielefeld – The German textiles company JAB Anstoetz is supporting the circular economy by launching fabrics and curtains under the NatureProtect label. For this, the company is using yarns and fabrics technology developed by OceanSafe. Their environmentally friendly upholstery fabrics Climatex are also the result of Swiss innovation.

Based in Bern and the German city of Krefeld, OceanSafe was named as one of the winners of the German Sustainability Award at the end of 2020. OceanSafe developed a modular system to manufacture environmentally friendly products for the textiles industry certified in line with the Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Standard (accredited assessor EPEA Switzerland GmbH). Now, the German textiles company JAB Anstoetz is taking advantage of Swiss innovation and using OceanSafe yarns and fabrics technology for a new collection of decorative fabrics and curtains under the NatureProtect label.

The Cradle to Cradle principle ensures that materials can be returned to biological cycles after they have been used. According to JAB Anstoetz, this actually generates added value as humus is created by closing the circle. Claus Anstoetz, CEO of the JAB Anstoetz Group, explains the philosophy that guides his business on the company website: “We would like to initiate and push forward changes in the textile industry with full speed. The fact that our products provide safe nutrients for future generations is the most consistent way of implementing our sustainability standards”.

The textiles firm also underlines the importance of social responsibility, fair working conditions, reduced water consumption, short transportation pathways and renewable energy for its products bearing the NatureProtect label.

In addition to NatureProtect, JAB Anstoetz also offers climatex upholstery fabrics for chairs. Climatex AG, which is based in Altendorf in the canton of Schwyz, has likewise developed a Cradle to Cradle Certified technology. By using a special weaving process, cyclable materials are produced that are able to regulate both temperature and humidity conditions.

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