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Textilcolor making the textiles industry more sustainable


Sevelen SG/Bäch SZ – Textilcolor offers a wide range of specialist chemicals for the textiles industry. In so doing, the company focuses on the circular economy and develops biodegradable products.

For several years already, Textilcolor has been committed to developing environmentally friendly and safe textile auxiliary agents. The company has worked closely with EPEA Switzerland, the accredited expert for Cradle-to-Cradle Certified and Material Health Certified certifications based in Bäch in canton of Schwyz, to develop such products. Textilcolor’s efforts have been rewarded in the form of a Material Health Certificate GOLD level of the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification for the company’s overall concept.

The approach pursued by Textilcolor is particularly important for the textiles industry, as this sector still contributes significantly to environmental pollution. With its products, however, Textilcolor enables the integration of safe chemicals into the global textile value chain. In addition to textile auxiliary agents, the company also offers dyes and printing inks that have been awarded the Material Health Certified certificate. In this way, Textilcolor is driving change within the textiles industry as a whole.

An example of one such product is the fabric softener Softycon. Such products contain tiny particles known as microplastics. However, at Textilcolor, a complex process is followed to remove these particles from Softycon. The result is a safe and sustainable product that ensures textiles remain very soft and silky. However, the ability to sew textiles treated in this way is also improved. With its commitment to the circular economy, Textilcolor combines environmental protection with qualitative advantages for the textile industry. “The aim is to transform pollutant supply chains into ones that offer added value, with the result that there remains plenty of healthy resources available to the textiles industry and the planet”, comments Detlef Fischer, CEO of Textilcolor, in an interview with the trade journal “TextilPlus”.



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