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Wolford’s range of clothing for a circular economy


Bregenz – Austrian textiles manufacturer Wolford is setting its sights on the circular economy. The company already has a Cradle to Cradle collection, and it will soon bring all its production processes into line with this concept.

Wolford sells an extensive range of textiles in the luxury segment, including several Gold Cradle to Cradle Certified products. Its selection covers dresses, jumpers, leggings and tights, all of which meet the requirements of the Cradle to Cradle circular economy concept. This means that when the products reach the end of their life cycle, there are two options. Either they decompose and their components automatically return to the biological cycle or in the technical cycle where their individual components are depolymerized, so that they can subsequently be used again as raw materials. Neither of these options produces any waste.

Together with over a dozen network partners, Wolford has developed materials, chemicals and dyes that can be used for Cradle to Cradle textiles. In an interview with LEAD Innovation last year, Wolford Head of Product Development Andreas Röhrich explained that the development work took four years. The result was the Cradle to Cradle collection of products, all of which can even be composted – although not in a garden compost bin, but through an industrial composting process.

Röhrich originally set a target of manufacturing half of all Wolford’s products according to Cradle to Cradle principles by 2025. However, in another recent interview with CoEvolve, a platform specializing in the circular lifestyle, he explained that his initial experiences have made him even more optimistic. He now believes it would be possible for Wolford to produce its entire range to Cradle to Cradle standards by 2027. According to CoEvolve, Albin Kälin, founder and CEO of EPEA Switzerland, is also proud of Wolford’s efforts in this area. He supported the company to start using the biodegradable polyester vinatur, which is a significant component of the Cradle to Cradle collection. EPEA Switzerland acted as accredited assessment body for the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ certification.


The Wolford project is literally a masterpiece. On one side it is the result of a collaboration between a multitude of different actors and generating knowhow along the way.

The following 2 articles represent a good summary of the project.



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