A breakthrough in textile innovation part 2! reworx® textiles from Lauffenmühle (Germany) manage a breakthrough in textile innovation for Work Wear and Apparel. Licensed to BP Bierbaum-Proenen (Germany), they are now Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Level Silver



A breakthrough in textile innovation for Corporate Wear; Work Wear; Hygiene & Healthcare

After years of intensive research and technical optimization together with EPEA Switzerland, Lauffenmuehle is now offering an innovative yarn and textile concept together with a system integrated toolkit of accessories (e.g. sewing yarns, ribbons, buttons, interlinings) with excellent technical performance and safe for biological systems to the Work Wear and Apparel industry.  Work Wear, Apparel made from reworx® textiles are produced exclusively by licensees of Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG who apply the system integrated concept and stand for high quality garment manufacturing.

Textile innovation: Up to now mainly Cotton/Polyester blends are used in the industry, which in Cradle to Cradle is a no go , especially in terms of down cycling. The breakthrough innovation of infinito® yarns and reworx® textiles: they consist of a blend of cellulosic fibers deriving from FSC certified wood with fibers made of biodegradable synthetic polymers deriving from oil not from plants which are suitable for food. All raw materials, ingredients, chemicals and dyes are safe for biological systems and are Cradle to CradleCM certified at gold level. The technical performance of the textiles is complying with standards of industrial laundry for Work Wear.

Take-Make-Use-Regenerate: Work Wear, Apparel made from reworx® textiles are safe for biological systems, offer a climate control function, are suitable for industrial laundering with excellent performance results for easy care, light fastness high abrasion and pilling resistance. The products are designed and qualified to be used for work wear as well as for other high performance textile products and applications.

Work Wear, Apparel made with reworx® textiles are Cradle to CradleCM certified at silver level accredited general assessor EPEA Switzerland. After use and more than 50 cleaning cycles the products will be collected and forwarded to an industrial composting facility where the textiles will safely transform to humus – which then means living space for other organisms: new life is generated.


Lauffenmuehle textile innovation

Cradle to Cradle certified Work Wear, Apparels made from reworx® textiles are exclusively produced by licencees of Lauffenmuehle GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, a fully vertically integrated textile manufacturer – with more than 175 years of experience in producing yarns and textiles.



Licensee of Work Wear, Apparel made from reworx®: Bierbaum-Proenen (BP) Collection BP Bio Cycle

Bierbaum-Proenen has been family run for seven generations and is celebrating its 225 years in 2013. With its BP brand, Bierbaum-Proenen stands for innovative work wear concepts. Lauffenmuehle and Bierbaum-Proenen have been partners for decades.

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