doing thE right thingS right

We provide logo-greeneffective solutions for major environmental concerns like clean air, soil, water and energy

Cradle to Cradle® turns the making of things into a positive force for society, economy and our planet. Combined with other Ecolabels, Cradle to Cradle® goes beyond performance and completes all key elements for an integrally sustainable product design.

CRADLE TO CRADLE® Principle – take – make – regenerate

Cradle to Cradle® PrinCiPles

Cradle to Cradle® is based on designing products for closed biological or technical cycles.

Nutrient Management

Cradle to Cradle® product materials should be suitable for a safe and complete return to the biosphere for recovery and high quality reuse.

Waste equals Food:


Use of current solar income

Incorporation of primary energy into the design of production systems which includes solar, water, geothermic and wind energy, directly or indirectly.

Celebrate diversity

Natural systems function through complexity. consideration of diversity and variety within manufacturing products.

cradle to cradle certificationTM

  • Products are evaluated against criteria in five categories:

    ❑ Material health
    ❑ Material reutilization
    ❑ Renewable energy + carbon management
    ❑ Water stewardship
    ❑ Social fairness

  • Results are split into a 5-level system of BASIC, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM
  • Minimum level of achievement in any of the five categories ultimately determines the final certification level

ProfESSional clEaning on a uniQuE cradlE to cradlE cErtifiEdTM GOld leVel

green care PROFESSIONAL provides worldwide the first cleaning and care range with the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM GOLD quality seal.

Many certifications in the market address one aspect of a product or its production. The Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Product Standard design encompasses a detailed evaluation key to assess products considering material health, material reutilization, use of renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.

Social Fairness:
  • New innovative, sustainable solutions:
    • The recyclate initiative: high grade recycling of post consumer PET plastic by improved sorting methods to increase proportion of recycled PET in new PET packaging
    • Surfactants based on european plants: plant-based surfactants of European origin (rapeseed-, linseed-, olive-oil) replace/supplement wash active substances based on palm kernel and coconut oil, promoting biodiversity
  • Protection of communities, workers and environment along the value chain
  • Responsible manufacturing, fair treatment of workers, reinvestment in natural capital
Water Stewardship:
  • Own chemical-physical fresh and waste water treatment leads to improved water quality
  • Constant high quality of recirculated water due to active water management: water leaves site as clean as it has taken before its usage
  • As a side product valuable filter sludge is re-used as raw material in brick making
Renewable Energies and Carbon Management:
  • Use of 100% renewable electricity for all on-site business processes, including manufacturing for third parties suppliers
  • Low need for fossile heating energy
  • CO2 emissions are compensated by active environmental projects (e.g. regeneration of the „Mürmes Moors“** – co2 is fixed from the air)
    ** Mürmes / Eifel region, Germany: moorland conservation promotes climate and species protection.
Material Health:
  • Formulations even meet cradle to cradle certifiedTM PLATINUM level
  • All ingredients in the formulations have been classified to be safe for humans and biological cycles
  • No banned materials, such as CMR(carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction)
  • No dangerous materials during and after a potential incineration
Material Reutilization:
  • Use of recycable technical materials
  • Incorporation of plastic recyclates
  • Use of renewable biological materials
  • Use of fully biodegradable materials

for performance tHat benefits your business

poWerful arguments – obvious advantages

Werner & Mertz Professional has established a truly customer-focused culture throughout the whole organization.

For our highly trained, motivated and action orientated trusted advisors, partnership is a key component. Through their years of industry experience combined with effective green care PROFESSIONAL products they are able to provide complete and customized, integrally sustainable hygiene solutions which contribute to our customers ́ success.


– Lösungen:

High Cleaning efficiency

HiGHeST CleaninG PerForManCe THroUGH PerFeCT eColoGiCal ProdUCT deSiGn


Performance by Design
  • Increased profitability based on innovative formulations which provide an optimised cost-in-use ratio
  • Highest and proven cleaning efficiency, proven by the IKW* test method and confirmed by the leading European EU – Ecolabel certification

*German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association

Transparency and Credibility

TranSParenT ProdUCT inForMaTion and HiGH CrediBiliTY THroUGH oPen BooK PoliCY

Credibility by Design
  • Biodegradability information
  • Renewable carbon balance / carbon content
  • Full ingredient list
  • Application recommendation
  • Company certification

Designed for professionals

The new bottle design of Werner & mertz professional, that has been developed together with customers, brings a number of firsts to the cleaning market.
It clearly differentiates from market standard and through its individual, exclusive and attractive design it supports creating a motivating work environment.


truStEd brandS

  • Proven cleaning performance
  • Solution provider with sustainable roots
  • Reliability, safety and high cleaning efficiency in addition to consistent efforts towards sustainability
  • Top cleaning performance
  • Pioneer in integral sustainability
  • Permanent effort towards continuous innovation to become the best-in-class in any respect

perfectly balancEd to ProtEct your ValuES and crEatE nEW ones

intEgrally SuStainablE, high PErforming SolutionS

Harmless for Human HealtH and nature

Floor & SurfacES


Sanitary roomS




on PrEmiSE laundry




PErSonal carE


Service providers

facility management
building service contractors


Public inStitutionS


hEalth carE








food SErVicE


We bring SuStainability to lifE

Eco-pioneer for more than 25 years

Thinking in future generations Werner & mertz unlocks the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.
Technology and nature are balanced in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmental sound manner. Through the respect for diversity and commitment to develop innovative and branded products we build values and provide long-term asset protection to our customers.


“We bring sustainability to life: As an eco-pioneer we think in future generations. Time has come to actively promote continuous cycling of biological and technical resources.
Implementing a green-effective design within our products has positive long-term impacts on the environment and human health.”

Reinhard Schneider

CEO and owner in the fourth generation of the family-run Werner & Mertz group

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