German Sustainability Award: 6 Projects Nominated! EPEA Switzerland clients leave a sustainable impression


Bäch SZ – As part of the German Sustainability Award, a design prize is also to be awarded for the first time in 2020. In total, six companies and projects with links to EPEA Switzerland have been nominated for their commitment to the circular economy.

With the German Sustainability Award Design, the organizers of the German Sustainability Award are planning to reward responsible design and effective transformative contributions. Several firms from the categories of Icons, Pioneers and Visions have now been nominated for this award, which is being presented for the first time. This includes a total of five firms who have worked with EPEA Switzerland, the accredited expert for Cradle-to-Cradle Certified and Material Health Certified certifications, to have realized projects in connection with the circular economy. In addition, Aquafil has hopes of winning the German Sustainability Award with its PA6 depolymerized yarn, which is being used in certain projects already, for which the company has been nominated in the Resources transformation category.

In terms of the companies nominated for the design prize, the Frosch brand has been selected in the Icons category for its recyclable pouch. An initiative developed by Werner & Mertz has already seen a total of 385 million bottles made from old plastic returned for use within the retail sector. OceanSafe, Mary Rose, Trigema and Wolford have been nominated in the Pioneers category. OceanSafe develops textiles for which all component parts are biodegradable, meaning they can therefore be returned to the circular economy. Mary Rose offers Cradle to Cradle Certified GOLD bed linen. Once the useful life of the product is over, it can be composted and thereby produce nutrients for the next generation of crops.

Trigema has been nominated for its men’s khaki batik shirt owing to its combination of fashionable trend and sustainability. The CO2 emissions along the logistics chain are low, with the cotton obtained from organic production and manufacturing taking place in Germany. Wolford is represented by way of its Aurora collection. This manufacturer is the “world’s first company from the clothing and textiles industry to have twice been GOLD certified by Cradle to Cradle Certified”, while Wolford has also successfully closing the loop for both biological and technical lifecycles. This can be regarded as an example of veritable recycling in line with the circular economy concept and EPEA Switzerland’s masterpiece project.

The nominated companies are benefitting from their collaboration with EPEA Switzerland and have reached the top their respective fields by focusing on and implementing the Cradle to Cradle principles of the circular economy. The award ceremony for the German Sustainability Award is scheduled for December 3 and 4, 2020. EPEA Switzerland is also active on LinkedIn and Facebook.