Ecologically sound, sustainable and resource-conscious production
is part of our company’s philosophy.

And has been since 1872. This is how we have reached numerous milestones. Now we are taking the next big step: We are consistently relying on ‘Cradle to Cradle’.

The idea behind ‘Cradle to Cradle’ is simple: Products are manufactured in closed biological nutrient and technical material cycles. Once their product lifecycle has come to an end, the raw materials are returned to the cycle, where they can once again become what they once were – a chair remains a chair. This way there is no waste produced, as all raw materials are reused many times over. In theory: reused forever.

‘Cradle to Cradle’ is a holistic approach. Manufacturers who want to have their products certified must employ reusable materials, reduce the consumption of energy, materials and water, lower CO2 emissions, increase the share of renewable energies, reuse all of the raw materials and observe their responsi- bilities to society. By integrating the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ philosophy into the
design and production process, Giroflex is setting new environmental standards while meeting the highest quality standards at the same time.

‘The economy is designed to foster growth –
and nature to foster balance. The innovative “Cradle to Cradle” principle is the future-oriented solution that reconciles the two.’

Dr. Tobias Gerfin
CEO, Stoll Giroflex AG

The giroflex 656 chair series has been ‘Cradle to Cradle’-certified since 2010.


The outstanding giroflex 656 chair series with Eccos fabric has been ‘Cradle to Cradle’-certified since 2010. Completely pollutant-free materials can be used as often as desired in closed technical and bio- logical cycles; this keeps them intact for generations to come. The series is designed to extend the product service life by making all parts repeatedly replaceable.

It takes just ten minutes to completely dismantle the giroflex 656. Except for the foam, we can reuse or make use of all raw materials – aluminium, steel, plastic – without any loss. The plastic castors are granu- lated and re-processed into plastic, the gas spring goes back to the supplier where it is re-treated, and the fabric is composted. We carry out mono-material separation to keep the quality of the raw materials high – a steel tube becomes a steel tube again.

We save 37 per cent of the aluminium compared to conventional products. As a result, in production we consume 38.55 kilowatt hours less energy and emit 21.2 kilograms less in CO2 – per chair. We also massively reduce the consumption of energy and heating oil, along with CO2 emissions and the volume of waste in wastewater treatment.

giroflex 656 a winner at the ‘red dot design award 2011’.
Good product design and the highest ecological standards are not a contra- diction in terms. At the prestigious international ‘red dot design award 2011’, the giroflex 656 swivel chairs were presented with an award for the outstanding quality of their design.