Kunsthaus Graz SHOWING STYRIA: what will be - Towards a Plurality of Futures



Graz – Kunsthaus Graz is looking ahead with its latest exhibition “what will be” and sketching a plurality of futures. The circular economy plays an important role. EPEA Switzerland is contributing to the exhibition.

From 10 April to 31 October, Kunsthaus Graz is putting on Showing Styria with the title “what will be”. The exhibition sketches possible futures, with Styria in the here and now serving as a starting point. Also, the traces of the future are identified in distant or not-too distant developments, as Kunsthaus Graz explains. So, the exhibition facilitates a re-imagining of past and forgotten concepts for the future.

Looking at current visions of the future, these are based on topics already important today. This includes mobility and gender equality, for example. Another core theme is the circular economy. According to Kunsthaus Graz, the sketched futures could bring about change in just a few weeks or take a number of years.

EPEA Switzerland, the accredited assessment body for the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification standard and Material Health Certification from Bäch in the canton of Schwyz, has also been involved in the exhibition where it focuses on the circular economy. Cradle to Cradle is a concept of the circular economy that can be defined as the design of products and materials with life cycles that are safe for human health and the environment and that can be reused perpetually through biological and technical metabolisms. EPEA Switzerland has contributed an explanatory video about Cradle to Cradle and additionally created an illustration, which will be on display in the exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz.