Jan 16, 2019

Breakthrough: Closing the Loop for biological cyces

Now, we are able to present a successful solution for an economical industrial composting of biodegradable plastics, infinito Cradle to Cradle Certified™ certified GOLD. - Onepager: please find enclosed a onepager describing the project results here. - The project partners involved are: Lauffenmühle System GmbH & Co KG, D-Lauchringen - Workwear fabric manufacturer and network of other companies using infinito polymers and biodegradable elastomers: Wolford, Bayonix, Röwa, Pfister, Dieckhoff, Grassi, Sarco, Manufactum Loacker Recycling GmbH, A-Lustenau - recycling company in Vorarlberg Austria University of Applied Sciences, D-Furtwangen - University EPEA Switzerland GmbH, CH-Bäch - accredited assessment body for Cradle to Cradle Certified™ certification with best regards Albin Kälin