May 21, 2021

EPEA Switzerland and Quality Austria supported Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Ferndorf – Austrian company Knauf Ceiling Solutions Deckensysteme GmbH has received Cradle to Cradle GOLD certification for the wood wool acoustic panels under its HERADESIGN brand. EPEA Switzerland and Quality Austria were both involved in the requisite process.

Quality Austria has collaborated with the accredited assessment body EPEA Switzerland to award HERADESIGN products by Knauf Ceiling Solutions GOLD certification according to Cradle to Cradle. The certification applies for its wood wool acoustic panels, offered under the Heradesign brand of the Austrian company. Throughout the requisite process, Quality Austria collaborated with EPEA Switzerland, the accredited assessment body for the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification standard and Material Health Certification.

This certificate covers wood wool acoustic panels, which not only improve acoustics but can also be used to increase fire resistance and for thermal insulation. At the same time, the solutions are ecologically sound and completely harmless as regards building biology. The circular economy concept of Cradle to Cradle can be defined as the design of products and materials with life cycles that are safe for human health and the environment and that can be reused perpetually through biological and technical metabolisms.

“Cradle to Cradle design defines and develops cyclable products,” said Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA Switzerland. In order for ever more products to be made according to this innovative approach, Quality Austria and EPEA Switzerland decided in 2019 to enter into a partnership, which covers aspects such as training and auditing. “In regard to differentiation to conventional recycling, the quality level of the raw materials remains throughout multiple product lifecycles and only purely assessed safe chemicals are used,” Kälin is quoted.

For Quality Austria, the expertise of EPEA Switzerland in matters of certification was a key reason for the collaboration: “EPEA Switzerland has more than 20 years of practical experience in this area,” said Axel Dick, Business Development Environment and Energy, CSR at Quality Austria, in a press release.

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