May 14, 2024

LUZI AG Introduces Sustainable Fragrance Collection

LUZI AG, based in Dietlikon, Zurich, has launched an innovative collection of fragrances created exclusively with circular raw materials. The components, part of the LUZI Circular Toolbox, have earned the C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™️ at the Gold level.

Supported by epeaswitzerland, this new collection includes five fragrances: Beach Walk, Circle of Life, Nature’s Cradle, Horizon Gold, and Circular Care. These fragrances adhere to Cradle to Cradle (C2C) principles, ensuring environmental safety and recyclability.

As a new member of the Network of trust by epeaswitzerland™️, LUZI AG reinforces its commitment to sustainability. This initiative positions LUZI as the first fragrance manufacturer to offer such a circular toolbox, setting a benchmark in the industry. They also produce fragrances for air fresheners, body care, and household products.

For more details, visit LUZI AG's website or read our Case Study