Apr 29, 2022

EPEA Switzerlands Network Of Trust: Textile Industry

The market size of global textile industry was estimated at approximately USD 1000 billion in 2021 and has an expected growth rate of 4% until 2030 (1). Also, the global environmental impact of the textile industry is huge, with considerable effects on waste management, water consumption, microfibres in the ocean or greenhouse gas emissions (2).

To address and tackle these issues, the EU Parliament has been creating and implementing a new, circular approach for waste management, which has peaked in the „Green New Deal“ in 2020 (view the summary regarding the Green New Deal here).

Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA Switzerland, wins 2 global awards from Business World Magazine (view here).

  1. Most Innovative CEO in the Worldwide Textile Industry
  2. Business Leadership and Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Manufacturing.

Together with our Network of Trust, EPEA Switzerland pursues to actively facilitate this change in the textile industry. Through moderating the knowledge and innovation processes that involve the whole industrial spectrum, from suppliers within a global supply chain, apparel manufacturers to retailers. Supply Chain Domino Knowledge TransformationTM is the methodology EPEA Switzerland developed to speed up and help to tackle a fundamental change in the industries worldwide.

EPEA Switzerland wants to thank all of its partners in the textile industry who are the drivers of the change and make this industrial transformation possible:

VF Napapijri, Wolford, Johann Müller AG, Amann Group, Pfister, Inogema, Mary Rose, Trigema, Sanko Tekstil, Siddiqsons, Wellicious, Flawa Consumer, Deco Design Fürus, Dystar, Denim Clothing Company, Hantex, Grassi, Aquafil S.P.A, Asahi Kasei, Archroma, TextilColor, Clariant, Textilchemie Dr. Petry, Dieckhoff, JAB Anstoetz, Kahatex Indonesia, Calida, OceanSafe, CircularClothing.org, Rössle Wanner

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(1): https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/textile-market

(2): https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20201208STO93327/the-impact-of-textile-production-and-waste-on-the-environment-infographic).