Apr 30, 2022

Albin Kälin, CEO von EPEA Switzerland, gewinnt zwei CEO Awards.

LONDON, April 22, 2022/PRNewswire - 

The CEO of Switzerland based company EPEA Switzerland has been named twice in the 2022 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.

The awards are a celebration of the most influential and innovative CEOs from around the world, across a wide variety of sectors. Instead of focusing on a company's overall successes, as many business awards do, here the spotlight is instead on the leaders behind them. The aim is to give worthy executives the recognition they deserve, whilst also inspiring others to achieve similar successes. Albin Kaelin of EPEA Switzerland was the outright winner in two categories:

'Most Innovative CEO in the Worldwide Textile Industry'

'Business Leadership and Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Manufacturing'

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